Friday, 29 May 2015

He just want's to go fast

It's been a while since ive written a blog post.

Ive been busy recently shooting different things for different people and ive done a couple of jobs for a local paper too, so things keep on ticking over.

Ive also spent a fair stack of money on gear recently too that should start to pop up in posts soon.

So, it was a couple of weeks ago, I was leaving my work car park when I finally noticed a snail travelling accross my windscreen. I know, I know, I should of stopped and got the little guy off but all I could think of was the Turbo film about the snail who wanted to go fast, so I took him along for the ride home.

I took it slow and I found the limits of what he could hold onto.

I have to admit I thought it was hilarious!

Good times!

I thought id take advantage of the 90mm Tamron Macro lens I have sitting gathering dust in my study. Macro is not really my thing as I hate messing around with tripods, I find it all takes too long for my liking.

So this shot was taken hand held and the focus is not quite right but what can you do.

The lens is safely back in its hiding place ready for another outing perhaps in a few months.

And Turbo; he's either living the dream after his 'live fast die young' experience or well I don't know how long a common snail lives for, maybe he died young?


Saturday, 2 May 2015

The streets and sights of GT Yarmouth in April. Sorry Laura i didn't take any photos for the album

1st ill start by apologising to the wife;

Im sorry that I forgot to take pictures of our weekend and that I only photographed people sitting on benches.

We had a weekend away in a caravan which we have been doing for the past 5-6 years, its usually a good spring time break a couple of months before the summer holiday. We have some great memories via photographs in albums of previous weekends but not this year as I seriously didn't think about taking photos of our weekend, I just took photos of what was around me.


The typical clientele of sea side resorts is interesting at best, I don't know whether Yarmouth is any worse than others but if you fancy going out at night in your tracksuit and trainers then give Gt Yarmouth Tourist Board a ring and they'll hook you up quicker you can say "brand new Nike Air Max".

On the other hand I have fond memories of Yarmouth from family holidays when I was a child and teenager, my favourite was when I come in at 7am one morning as I had been out with friends at the age of about 14. I think my mum thought it was funny.

The typical clientele and the establishments present in Yarmouth can make for some great street photography; colourful 'tat' shops, fairgrounds, arcades, closed shops, decay, a timewarp!

A slave to fashion
 Seriously who buys and wears these clothes?


This guy was manning a small Art gallery down a very narrow alley, the gallery had art work on the wall, I mean the actual wall not on a canvas hanging on the wall. I asked if I could take his picture.

Parkers Donkey World; a tale of young love

Deckchairs and sea sides

The only photo of Laura from the whole weekend, OOPS!

The height of matching his and hers fashion

People watching

"dad's waiting outside"


Family interest
Keep shooting street!!!

Although im now off to shoot a Flower Festival for a newspaper.....everyday is different.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Farm diversification into dereliction

Of all the things a farm could diversify into, dereliction is not recommended, especially when leaving machinery and equipment in the buildings.

As always these are buildings that I have driven past many times and for once I stopped and had a look around. Not truly a lot to see apart from the biggest of the barns/buildings that contained a production line and there was paperwork strewn all over the place dating from the 80's and 90's.

It was a good test for the x-pro as I was focusing on dark objects in the dark, not a good combination for focusing. Although it has been said that X-Pro 1 can struggle with focus, even on this occasion I still consider it an excellent performer. This was also the first time I used the 27mm f2.8 lens that I got at the same time as the camera, again its alright; a little soft but definitely usable.

It's me


The trusty old Golf waiting for me.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

I lost my head and found it

So for my birthday Laura had a cake made for me which included a mini version of me made out of icing. I found the head quite amusing, for one I don't have curly hair!!! but I liked the beard.

I decided to carry the head around with me for a day and photograph it in different places. Im always carrying the X-Pro 1 around much like I did the Fuji X20 before it, so what's a small comedy head taking up extra space in my pocket!?

Look out

When was the last time anyone used one of these???

All images taken on the Fujifilm XF 27mm F2.8 lens.

Stay tuned.

Monday, 30 March 2015

The Photography Show 2015

I used to go to car shows, now I go to photography shows.

Being a bit of a camera geek I was quite excited about going to this.

The show itself covers one of the halls at the NEC, so it could be bigger but the size also shouldn't be sniffed at as the place was crammed with stands and stalls and absolutely buzzing with people. In fact I don't see a need for a larger show as it took me 6 hours to walk round it all.

I purchased a new lens for my X-Pro 1; a 35mm f1.4, so far im liking it!

I also picked up a few memory cards for my 5Dmkiii.

All ready for the summer weddings.

The show is a mixture of large manufacturers such as Fujifilm, Canon, Nikon etc and smaller traders hoping to make it big. There are also talks, seminars and practical guides.

All in all a good day out. Laura even got a free massage so that kept her happy.

Im pretty sure its going to become an annual visit for me.


5 fingers

10 fingers

its rude to point....did your mother not teach you that?

I feel sorry for you mate

cool but overpriced

A wall of colour

Laura got herself on TV. I didn't think that the sour sweets were even that sour